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Posted On August 31, 2008

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These are some of the many caricatures I’ve drawn over the last few months. Some are commissions, some are presents I have drawn for friends.

Kate - the kareoke queen
2 Commissions:

1-rugby1 1-treadmill

A commission from a couple of offices in Manchester & Leeds:

1-office-fin1sml 1-office-2-finalvsml

Dave Grainger RIP

Designed for a Beer Label::


An alternative Wedding Invitation:

Joan & Mat's wedding
Cat loving Claire
DJ John from Jillys

Freddy with his shoe fetish
Stan - A fellow Illustrator
Another fellow illustrator Gina
DJ Cherrybomb
A request from Kate
A request from Amanda
My anniversary card for Mark
A commission from Ruth


3 Responses to “Caricatures Post”

  1. jim e

    Hey, I think I recognise the guy in the 7th picture!
    Is he Stanley Chow, an Illustrator from Manchester? I recognise him from one time I was in the Channel M studio, and he was being interviewed.

    • pickledjo

      It is! 🙂
      He drew me a cartoon for my birthday so this was my thank-you response for his birthday!
      We’re internet friends mostly although I have met him a few times in The Bay Horse Pub where he DJs.
      What were you both doing at channel M? Being interviewed for telly? Cool.

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