Posted On May 24, 2009

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Gary Barlow:

Gary Barlow, Take That, X factor, Xfactor, Caricature

Kate Middleton and Prince William:

Prince william and kate middleton cartoon Royal Wedding

Jon Bon Jovi:

Jon Bon Jovi

Gary Lineker:

MOTD match of the day, Gary Lineker caricature

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp caticature

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Caricature Cartoon

Ms Ciccone

Madonna Caricature

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Caricature

Olly Murs:

Olly Murs Caricature

Dannii Minogue:

Dannii Minogue Caricature

Braveheart – Mel GibsonBraveheart, mel gibson caricature

Some Glee caricatures:

Artie Abrams:
Artie Abrhams from Glee cartoon

Sue Sylvester:
Sue Sylvester cartoon

Manchester United’s Rian Giggs
Ryan Giggs - manchester United Caricature Pickledjo

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney – Doing an overhead kick that won the Manchester Derby 12/2/11
Wayne Rooney Overhead kick derby Manchester United cartoon

Alex Russo, Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez:
alex russo, art, pickledjo, selena gomez, wizards of waverly place


4 Responses to “Caricatures”

  1. realjohnstape

    How much do the John Stape Charactures cost?

    • pickledjo

      Hi. I sell A4 prints at £4 (inc P&P).

  2. realjohnstape

    Brilliant, thanks.

  3. Kay Kinghammer

    These are great!!

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