Coronation Street Caricatures

Posted On January 3, 2011

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Since the tram crash in Coronation Street in December 2010 I have become inspired to draw caricatures of the cast of the Street.

I hope you enjoy them. šŸ™‚

I have set up a Facebook group where you can see my pics as soon as I’ve drawn and posted them.

More pictures can be seen here –

and here –

Sylvia Goodwin, Stephanie Cole, coronation street caricature

Elsie Tanner, Pat Phoenix caricature, coronation street

Frank Foster corrie corriecature andrew lancel coronation street

Bill Webster, Auntie Pam, Coronation Street, Pam Dobbs

Kym Marsh Michelle Connor caricature, corrie

Marcus Dent, corrie caricature, coronation street,

Sean Sully Corrie Caricature

Audery Roberts Coronation Street Corrie

Gail Platt, Tilsley, Hillman,

Marc / Marcia Coronation Street

Maria Sutherland, Maria Connor caricature

Owen Armstrong Coronation Street

Emily Bishop, emily nugent, corrie caricature, coronation street caricature

Liz McDonald, Beverly Callard

kylie, david platt, corrie, coronation street caricature

Fiz Brown, Fiz Stape, Baby Hope, John Stape

Janice Battersby caricaure

Rita Sullivan caricature tram crash coronation street

Vera Duckworth Caricature

Hilda Ogden Corrie Caricature

I liked this partly coloured so left it this way. Classic Bet:
Classic COrrie Bet Lynch, Bet Gilroy caricature

Betty Williams, Betty Driver, Betty Turpin, Betty's Hotpot

Blanche Hunt Caricature Corrie Coronation Street pickledjo

Ken & Derdrie Barlow

Spider Nugent Caricature Coronation Street

Carla Connor Caricature

Steve McDoanld Caricature Coronation Street

Leanne and Peter's wedding blessing - Corrie

Norris Cole and Mary Taylor Mobile Home, Corrie, Coronation Street

Coricature Facebook Group

Rosie Webster Coronation Street Cherry vodka promotions girl

Eddie Windass, Steve Huison, Corrie Caricature

Eileen Grimshaw Cartoon, caricature, Corrie, Coronation Street.

Michelle Keegan - Tina McIntyre, Corrie caricature

Graham Proctor Caricature Corrie Coronation Street

Peter Barlow enjoys a wine #Corrie

Claire Peacock admits hurting Tracey Barlow to Becky. Corrie Caricature.

Kung Fu Cliff

John Stape accidentally kills Joy Fishwick

Roy & Hayley Cropper Caricature

Jack Duckwoth and Racy Rita the Pigeon.

Sian and Sophie Webster caught in bed together.

Molly Dobbs Death Coronation Street Tram Crash 2010

Jason Grimshaw saves Simon Barlow from the house fire after the Tram Crash

John Stape kills Charlotte with a hammer. Coronation Street 50th anniversary episode.

Tyrone Dobbs punches Kevin Webster into Molly's grave. Coronation Street.

Dev Alahan & Sunita Alahan from Coronation Street.

Davil Platt does his evil face. Coronation Street.

Becky McDonald Caricature. Coronation Street.

Tracy Barlow

Leanne Battersby catches Nick and Tracy at it.

Any Corrie Twitter fans will know of Fat Brenda who runs the night shift at Street Cars:
Fat Brenda Coronation Street

A sketch of Lianne Battersby, Peter Barlow and Simon Barlow:

Peter Barlow caricature, Lianne Battersby, Simon Barlow

Brenda’s image was originally designed by Barry Nicol.

And a bonus Eastenders caricatures:

I don’t watch Eastenders – But had to do a Pat Butcher as a tribute:
Pat Butcher cartoon, Pat Evans, Caricature, Pickedjo/>

Ronnie Mitchell with stollen Tommy Moon

Stacey Slater leaves Eastenders on Christmas Day.


51 Responses to “Coronation Street Caricatures”

  1. glenda

    I love these and will put them on the Coronation Street Blog with a link to your site!

    • pickledjo

      Thank you!!! I’d love for more Corrie fans to be able to enjoy my Corrie Art! šŸ™‚

  2. Nicki

    Wow these are excellent! I don’t know if you would consider doing more but if you did could you do one of Sophie and Sian and maybe another one of Sally and Molly in the tram wreckage? I love your artwork.

  3. pickledjo

    I will definitely be doing many more. Keep an eye on my blog.
    I’ve got a little list of requests and I get inspired by the story lines on the show!

  4. Scottieboy

    LOVE IT. The one with Molly is especially good!

  5. Anonymous

    Found these via the Coronation Street Blog. These are wonderful! I particularly like Jason and Simon. Will you have cards we can purchase? You’re very talented!

    • pickledjo

      I’m looking into getting some card/postcards printed.
      Do you have any favourites you’d like to see?

  6. Petra

    Love ’em! Where can we buy prints?

    • pickledjo

      I’m looking into doing some card/postcards/prints. Which ones would you like to see?

  7. Heather

    These are excellent!

  8. Sue

    Wow these are amazing! I love them. You are so talented!! Do you do other stuff apart from Corrie….Holby/Casualty maybe??

    • pickledjo

      Hi. Thank you!
      I have plenty more Corrie pics lined up, and a couple of Eastenders ones.
      I don’t know any Casualty characters I’m afraid – I’m too squeamish to watch it. šŸ˜€

  9. Coronation Street Caricatures | The Street Fever

    […] out the full collection here and join her Facebook group here but be careful as there might be some spoiler pics. Joanne is […]

  10. Faye

    OMG! I love the one of Roy and Hayley, me and my bessie mate crack up when they are ever in an episode! Can you maybe do one of Ken and Deidre? Or Betty Williams with her hotpot, or even poor Ashley in the tram crash…

    • pickledjo

      Thanks for the ideas.
      There’s definitely going to be a Ken on the way soon as he’s my fave!
      I’ve had a coupe of requests for Betty now so I’m going to have to add her to the to do list.
      Roy and Hayley are really popular. People requested I make memorabilia of them so I am selling fridge magnets and keyrings of R&H on ebay! šŸ™‚

      • Faye

        You are great! I love the one of Ken and Deidre, is it off the bedtime stories series? I like the one of Betty with the hotpot! You have suc a talent for doing caricatures.
        You could maybe do one of Xin and Graeme’s wedding day, i’ve had a look on the corrie webste and Kylie’s dress red and black with feathers!

  11. Faye

    Could you also do one of Liz Mcdonald or Sally Websteer with her red fiat caar tied up with a yellow ribbon? I’m sorry i keep filling your head with ideas, i just know so many charecters!
    BTW i love the one of Tyrone and Kevin, POW!

  12. Faye

    Gail with her ugly polo neck! How many has she got iin that wardrobe?? šŸ™‚

    • pickledjo

      I’ve done a sketch of Gail, but I never worked it up.
      I do plan to do Liz and Sally very soon. I’ve not had chance to work on Corrie pictures much this week, and probably won’t next week as I’ve got loads of other work on.
      I was thinking of doing a Kylie and David pic (I’ve got a dress just like Kylie’s that I wore to a burlesque hen night last year), bit I don’t like Xin so I might not draw her… we’ll see.

  13. Faye

    Thanks for replying! I like it when you reply because i’ve tried to get replies off Jacqueline Wilson and some of my other idols but they never do!
    Marc is so funny because he likes wearing womens clothing!
    I absolutely LOVE Rita because she reminds me of my auntie and I cried when she got trapped under the shelf because she was crying for help and no one could hear her.

    • pickledjo

      Idol? Oh wow. What a lovely comment. xxx
      Oh, wasn’t Mark sat there dolled up and beat up in the police station shockingly funny! Which reminds me, I need to put Audery on my to do list.
      Rita is a classic character. I can’t imagine the show without her or Ken. Or even Gail!

  14. Faye

    Wow, you reply so quick!
    I can’t beleive Steve sold the Rovers! Liz sometimes annoys me, she really does show off in her girly clothes thinking she’s 17 again, Jim annoys me too. At first didn’t realise he was Steve’s Dad, until he called him Dad.
    Is the gal in the sort-of cheerleading outfit Rosie Webster?
    I love caracatures, especially yours, because you make all the charecters look like the actual people (I know lot’s of artists do make them look like the actual people but some don’t)

    • pickledjo

      I love Liz’s tarty clobber. I loved it when she was with Vernon.
      I remember Jim when he was in the show in the 1990s, so I know Jim well. Shame he will be leaving the show for good. He is an unlucky character.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. x

    • Faye

      Really? Thanks for saying that, cus i really didn’t know!
      I heard from my bezzie tha Roy’s mum Sylvie, is going to be in Mondays episode.
      I hope you enjoyed the wedding because my grandad knows the directer of corrie and he let me put a bit in! I was so thrilled! I added the bit where Tina was sat with Norris and she started crying.
      It’s great having the actor do as you say, maybe i’ll keep being a director in mind for a job when i’m older!

      • pickledjo

        Oh I heard Sylvie will be the new Blanche. I hope she’s as funny.
        I just finished watching the wedding now on catch-up as I was out last night watching the Corrie play.
        Wow the power of a director! šŸ™‚ x

  15. Jenny Lee

    We love your work!!!!! Thank you so much!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do one of XIN from Corrie!! xxx

    • pickledjo

      Thank you!
      I’ve had a couple of requests for Xin now. I may have to bow to pressure. I’m not sure how much longer she will be in the show so I will have to draw her soon!

      • Jim

        I would very much love it if you could do a nice caricature of Xin! Above you say that you don’t like her – I hope that you refer to the character she plays and not to how she acts or how she is in real life. I have been a huuuuge fan of hers for some time now and she is a REALLY genuinely nice and sweet girl and, I believe, a very very very good actress… She deserves a great caricature from you, please?:)

      • pickledjo

        Oh of course, nothing against the actress. I just don’t like the storyline. They’ve pulled this character from nowhere and it all seems so silly.
        I actually drew a sketch of her a couple of weeks back.

  16. Faye

    I’m so happy because Girl Guiding has finished for four weeks and I always used to miss the double bill of corrie!
    Have you got any other sketches lined up or are you taking a break for the hols?!
    Speak soon x

  17. pickledjo

    I will be busy and going away over Easter, but before then I have lots of work to finish off.
    I’m working ona Green Day picture and part way through a Liz Mcdonald. I also need to draw commissions of Braveheart and Lily Allen and Sian/Sasha

  18. Faye

    Wow! You are busy!
    I can’t wait for the liz drawing as she is leaving and it won’t be the same without her.
    I do hope you have a nice holiday and I hope most of your drawings go well!
    Faye x

  19. Faye

    I LOVE the way Liz left the show! It couldn’t have been better, she is such a brilliant charecter, I cant WAIT for your drawing of her!!!

  20. Faye

    I LOVE the way Liz left the show! It couldn’t have been better, she is such a brilliant charecter,

  21. pickledjo

    She’ll be back. I give her 5 years. And Jim only got a few years for murder so he should be out in no time for robbery.
    The Liz pic is up on this page! x

  22. Cartagia

    Haha, I love the ones of John Stape…especially with Charlotte. XD Brilliant!

  23. IluvTony

    Could you do one of Tony Gordon? I love him and love your work. Wish I could draw like that.

    • pickledjo

      I’ll add Tony Gorden to the to-do list.

  24. jamie

    hey are you doing ena minnie and martha and elsie soon there real corrie classics šŸ˜›

    id like to see the recently departed natasha blakeman and currently gail platt and claudia colby soon šŸ˜›

  25. pickledjo

    Thanks for the requests.
    I’m currently having a break from drawing as I’m moving house soon.
    All my sketch books and pencils are boxed up, waiting for the moving date.
    As soon as I’m settled at the new place I want to blast a load of new drawings out. A mixture of current characters and classics.
    I’m desperate to draw a Gil. I’ve had a go in the past but wasn’t happy with the outcome. Ena will have to be done at some point. I’ll have to watch some videos of her as she was before ‘my time’.

  26. Brent

    Super! I’m a 63 yr. young and a huge fan of Corrie. Your pictures caught the essence of the characters and I’ll return to this site in the future hoping more of your wonderful work. Well done!

  27. pickledjo

    Thank you Brent! Keep popping back every few weeks and I’ll do my danened best to keep it updated! x

  28. Caricatures

    Great stuff, I like it…

    • pickledjo

      Thank you! x

  29. jamie

    hey jo will u be doing old favs ena minnie martha elsie and albert

    and cilla yana and natasha šŸ˜›

  30. Mandy

    They are brilliant!

  31. susan

    The pictures are fantastic and absolutely spot on! You would do well to get them published / on tshirts,…. whatever….
    Cheers from NZ

    • pickledjo

      I’d love to get them published at some point. šŸ™‚

  32. jamie

    jo will u be drawing soon classic characters ena sharples minnie caldwell martha longhurst annie walker and jack walker and stan ogden. šŸ˜› keep up the good work :O)

    and current characters anna windass and stella price šŸ™‚

  33. jamie

    jo will u be drawing soon classic characters ena sharples minnie caldwell martha longhurst annie walker and jack walker and stan ogden. keep up the good work :O)

    u ever likely to draw the gladiators šŸ˜›

  34. pickledjo

    Hi Jamie. I’ve had Ena on my to do list for a long time!
    I started a Hilda and Stan one but never finished it.

    I did draw a Jet cartoon one time…

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