Coronation Street Caricatures

Posted On January 3, 2011

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Since the tram crash in Coronation Street in December 2010 I have become inspired to draw caricatures of the cast of the Street.

I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

I have set up a Facebook group where you can see my pics as soon as I’ve drawn and posted them.

More pictures can be seen here –

and here –

Sylvia Goodwin, Stephanie Cole, coronation street caricature

Elsie Tanner, Pat Phoenix caricature, coronation street

Frank Foster corrie corriecature andrew lancel coronation street

Bill Webster, Auntie Pam, Coronation Street, Pam Dobbs

Kym Marsh Michelle Connor caricature, corrie

Marcus Dent, corrie caricature, coronation street,

Sean Sully Corrie Caricature

Audery Roberts Coronation Street Corrie

Gail Platt, Tilsley, Hillman,

Marc / Marcia Coronation Street

Maria Sutherland, Maria Connor caricature

Owen Armstrong Coronation Street

Emily Bishop, emily nugent, corrie caricature, coronation street caricature

Liz McDonald, Beverly Callard

kylie, david platt, corrie, coronation street caricature

Fiz Brown, Fiz Stape, Baby Hope, John Stape

Janice Battersby caricaure

Rita Sullivan caricature tram crash coronation street

Vera Duckworth Caricature

Hilda Ogden Corrie Caricature

I liked this partly coloured so left it this way. Classic Bet:
Classic COrrie Bet Lynch, Bet Gilroy caricature

Betty Williams, Betty Driver, Betty Turpin, Betty's Hotpot

Blanche Hunt Caricature Corrie Coronation Street pickledjo

Ken & Derdrie Barlow

Spider Nugent Caricature Coronation Street

Carla Connor Caricature

Steve McDoanld Caricature Coronation Street

Leanne and Peter's wedding blessing - Corrie

Norris Cole and Mary Taylor Mobile Home, Corrie, Coronation Street

Coricature Facebook Group

Rosie Webster Coronation Street Cherry vodka promotions girl

Eddie Windass, Steve Huison, Corrie Caricature

Eileen Grimshaw Cartoon, caricature, Corrie, Coronation Street.

Michelle Keegan - Tina McIntyre, Corrie caricature

Graham Proctor Caricature Corrie Coronation Street

Peter Barlow enjoys a wine #Corrie

Claire Peacock admits hurting Tracey Barlow to Becky. Corrie Caricature.

Kung Fu Cliff

John Stape accidentally kills Joy Fishwick

Roy & Hayley Cropper Caricature

Jack Duckwoth and Racy Rita the Pigeon.

Sian and Sophie Webster caught in bed together.

Molly Dobbs Death Coronation Street Tram Crash 2010

Jason Grimshaw saves Simon Barlow from the house fire after the Tram Crash

John Stape kills Charlotte with a hammer. Coronation Street 50th anniversary episode.

Tyrone Dobbs punches Kevin Webster into Molly's grave. Coronation Street.

Dev Alahan & Sunita Alahan from Coronation Street.

Davil Platt does his evil face. Coronation Street.

Becky McDonald Caricature. Coronation Street.

Tracy Barlow

Leanne Battersby catches Nick and Tracy at it.

Any Corrie Twitter fans will know of Fat Brenda who runs the night shift at Street Cars:
Fat Brenda Coronation Street

A sketch of Lianne Battersby, Peter Barlow and Simon Barlow:

Peter Barlow caricature, Lianne Battersby, Simon Barlow

Brenda’s image was originally designed by Barry Nicol.

And a bonus Eastenders caricatures:

I don’t watch Eastenders – But had to do a Pat Butcher as a tribute:
Pat Butcher cartoon, Pat Evans, Caricature, Pickedjo/>

Ronnie Mitchell with stollen Tommy Moon

Stacey Slater leaves Eastenders on Christmas Day.


Posted On May 24, 2009

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Gary Barlow:

Gary Barlow, Take That, X factor, Xfactor, Caricature

Kate Middleton and Prince William:

Prince william and kate middleton cartoon Royal Wedding

Jon Bon Jovi:

Jon Bon Jovi

Gary Lineker:

MOTD match of the day, Gary Lineker caricature

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp caticature

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Caricature Cartoon

Ms Ciccone

Madonna Caricature

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Caricature

Olly Murs:

Olly Murs Caricature

Dannii Minogue:

Dannii Minogue Caricature

Braveheart – Mel GibsonBraveheart, mel gibson caricature

Some Glee caricatures:

Artie Abrams:
Artie Abrhams from Glee cartoon

Sue Sylvester:
Sue Sylvester cartoon

Manchester United’s Rian Giggs
Ryan Giggs - manchester United Caricature Pickledjo

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney – Doing an overhead kick that won the Manchester Derby 12/2/11
Wayne Rooney Overhead kick derby Manchester United cartoon

Alex Russo, Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez:
alex russo, art, pickledjo, selena gomez, wizards of waverly place

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I love 80’s Cartoons.

I still doodle the characters from my youth pretty much daily.

Here are just a few…

Lion-O and Snarf
Lion-O and Snarf Thundercats Cartoon

Battle of the planets – Jason

Jason BOTP pickledjo_blakeley



A Care Bear:


Lion O


Wilykit and Wilykat:




He-Man, Battlecat and Stratos:

he man stratos by pickledjo blakeley

Skeletor & Hordak


Imp from She-Ra:

imp by jo blakeley pickledjo



She-Ra on Swift Wind:

She Ra

Dungeons & Dragons – Bobby & Uni

bobby uni

<img src=””>





Caracatures of celebrities

Boy George:


A quickie of the Spice Girls:

Jesus makes cookies.:

R2 D2:

The (Old) Pope:

Caricatures Post

Posted On August 31, 2008

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These are some of the many caricatures I’ve drawn over the last few months. Some are commissions, some are presents I have drawn for friends.

Kate - the kareoke queen
2 Commissions:

1-rugby1 1-treadmill

A commission from a couple of offices in Manchester & Leeds:

1-office-fin1sml 1-office-2-finalvsml

Dave Grainger RIP

Designed for a Beer Label::


An alternative Wedding Invitation:

Joan & Mat's wedding
Cat loving Claire
DJ John from Jillys

Freddy with his shoe fetish
Stan - A fellow Illustrator
Another fellow illustrator Gina
DJ Cherrybomb
A request from Kate
A request from Amanda
My anniversary card for Mark
A commission from Ruth

Doodling in work comes good.

These two images I originally drew on my dinner hour in work yesterday.

They were drawn in Bic biro. You can’t tell looking at them now… I decided I liked the doodles enough to work them into something better.

Biro Lion

Biro Lion

Biro Alien

Biro Alien

My First Doodle Dump

I got my sketchbook out for the first time in months this week. Trying to be a little more creative.

Here is a little look at what my hand has made…

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

A bit of 80’s Nostalgia…

She-Ra on Swift Wind

She-Ra on Swift Wind

She-Ra quick doodle

She-Ra quick doodle

Oooooooh. They were fun to do. Very messy and quick. Unlike the slow tidy boring work stuff I’ve been producing lately.

New Blog!

Posted On August 27, 2008

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Hello friends and blog readers.

Well my website is now a thing of the past and my greatest journal is frozen in time due to the owners of the site neglecting it.

So I’ve set up this blog to carry on from where my greatest journal left off. It will be my doodle/work/art blog.

Enjoy! ^_^